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06. 02. 2024

Clinical Coding jobs in the NHS

The NHS continues to experience unprecedented levels of patient activity as a knock on effect of Covid. NHS Trusts nationally have seen their workloads increase by 30% which has naturally caused a surge in demand both medical and non-medical staff. Because of these increased activity levels, the demand for contract Clinical Coders is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, with GSA delivering Clinical Coding contract services to more trusts across the UK than ever before. The demand for support has led NHS Trusts to adapt their ways of working and as a result, over half of the NHS Trusts we are now working with are offering some form of remote working whether that be in the form of hybrid working or fully remote based contracts. This has opened Clinical Coding contracting opportunities up to people that may have struggled previously for reasons such as not being able to drive or living in remote parts of the UK for example. It has also been excellent timing as it has helped Clinical Coders cope with the increased cost of living due to not having to spend as much time and money commuting. The good news in relation to the shift from fully office based to hybrid/ remote working models is that in our experience, NHS Trusts recognise that despite a potential reduction in costs to the contractor if people are working remotely, they are still asking for the same level of service from the contractors and are happy to commit to the same pay rates that are being agreed for office based roles. The increase to remote based pay and the flexibility around working hours because of working from home has meant there has never been a better time to explore contract Clinical Coding opportunities. If you or someone you know are interested in hearing more or want to be kept informed on the future of potential projects then please do get in touch with Tom Blakey for a confidential discussion about how we can help.
07. 12. 2023

Do you regret accepting the counter offer?

If you’ve ended up reading this article, you're either intrigued by the idea of a counter offer, or have been at the sharp end of it. Perhaps for whatever reason you weren’t happy in your role, and you made the decision to start looking for a new opportunity. Following a period of intense job searching, you were asked to interview for a promising new opportunity. After a series of meetings with the hiring manager, much to your delight, you were offered the job. Then, after all of that, your current employer threw you a curve ball and made you a counter offer (shock), one which you found hard to turn down. Whilst you were feeling flattered at the time, all the buzz quickly wore off, only to be replaced with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, the feeling you have made a huge mistake. 
29. 09. 2023

Home, Hybrid, Office

Home, Hybrid, Office We all recall how the world of work was turned on it’s head in 2020 when Covid hit us. For those not furloughed, most ended up working from, or trying to work from, home. We all soon learned to use Zoom and Teams, and these became as normal as using the phone. As things started to move back to normal, companies, and employees, had to make the choice of sticking with the full time working from home model, bringing everyone back into the office, or a hybrid mixture of the two.
26. 04. 2023

Cyber Essentials Renewed

​GSA Techsource are pleased to announce we have successfully completed our Cyber Essentials certification for another year. The requirements continue to focus businesses on ensuring IT systems are robust, safe and secure, and are rightfully more challenging each year. The certification is essential for our Government framework agreements, but is also a great tool to help us ensure we are focused on all the areas that help us to be a cyber aware business.
25. 04. 2023

GSA Awarded place on RM6277 Non Clinical Staffing Framework

GSA Techsource is pleased to announce our successful bid to be part of the new Non-Clinical Staffing Framework 2, known as RM6277. This allows us to continue delivering contractors into the NHS and public sector, for both Lot 3 – IT Professionals, and Lot 5 - Scientific, Technical & Clinical Coding. This replaces the current framework, RM6160, through which we have been delivering successfully for several years. Our particular expertise in Clinical Coding stretches back over 12 years and we look forward to continuing to support our many NHS Trust clients through this new framework. For more information contact Tom Blakey​
11. 04. 2023

IR35 Cover - essential protection for outside determinations

HMRC is taking it’s policing of IR35 very seriously, with many end clients and contractor’s PSCs receiving letters pre-empting further investigation by HMRC into the status of contract – are they genuinely outside IR35?