Corporate Social Responsibility Policy





This policy sets out GSA Techsource’s approach in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability.


As a specialist recruitment company we feel that it is important to define our CSR policy and where possible relate it to areas of our business activity.



Our stated values are as follows:

professionalism, transparency and accountability ; respecting equality and diversity; commitment to services of the highest quality; responsiveness to our stakeholders;

We endeavour to adhere to our values in all of our activities and will encourage our stakeholders, staff, clients and suppliers to adopt appropriate socially responsible policies and practices. Inclusion and diversity

Through our commercial activities, we shall undertake a range of initiatives to promote inclusion and diversity in the IT recruitment sector and among our customer base.


We shall encourage environmental responsibility amongst our stakeholders, including clients, contracts, suppliers, and staff. We shall conduct our operations in a way which minimises our consumption of natural resources and manages waste through responsible disposal and the re-use and recycling of materials where economically feasible. We shall comply with all legal requirements. We shall include environmental considerations in our purchasing and procurement processes We shall regularly review our progress in relation to this policy.

Community Involvement

We will work with local voluntary organisations and initiatives and encourage staff to participate in relevant schemes.



We will encourage staff to take one working day each year to undertake voluntary/charitable work (by agreement with line managers).

Where appropriate, GSA Techsource will make information available to staff about methods of tax-effective giving to charities.


GSA Techsource will allow its staff to undertake all normal civic duties, including jury service, membership of public authorities, etc., as long as such duties do not prevent/limit proper performance of staff duties or otherwise conflict with the company’s objectives. 

Environmental Action Plan

Waste management

We arrange for waste paper to be recycled We arrange for non paper waste (glass, plastic, metal) to be recycled We arrange for printer cartridges to be recycled.

Transport and travel

Where possible we shall use public transport in preference to personally owned cars. We shall minimise the use of air travel  We shall make arrangements for loans to staff for cycle purchase. We have access to shower/changing facilities for staff and designated cycle parking is available.

Raw materials and supplies

We ask key suppliers to provide copies of their environmental policies. Where possible, we use recycled or environmentally friendly paper in our printers. We invite staff to reduce unnecessary paper usage – where appropriate including double-sided printing, and photo-reduction.

Energy usage

We will minimise our use of electricity, by ensuring appliances are turned off when not in use.


Staff involvement and contribution

We operate an inclusive approach to our environmental practice, inviting staff suggestions, comments, and actions.

Annual review

We shall review our policy and practice at least annually, at Senior Management level.