Make sure you wear trousers, and other useful video interview tips!

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With video interviews becoming the new normal we wanted to share our top tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your upcoming video interviews!  

  • Test your webcam and access to the interviewing platform prior to your interview. Technical issues are the last thing you need when you are already nervous! 

  • Dress appropriately, you never know what you might need to grab during the interview and those Mickey Mouse PJ bottoms might not make the best impression! 

  • Make sure you have good lighting, this applies to a room being too bright or too dark! 

  • Find a quiet part of your house! It's difficult enough working from home, and add in kids with the summer holidays and you will need minimal distractions! 

  • Close all unnecessary tabs and applications on your computer or laptop. You don’t want pings and dings going off to distract your attention. ! 

  • Have a pen and pad to write notes and your CV for reference to hand! 

  • Smile, nod, listen, and use hand gestures when needed! This will give more body language signals and show you are engaged! 

  • Turn your phone on silent and/or put it in another room! 

GSA Techsource offer a range of video interviewing tools that will add value and speed up your interviewing and onboarding process, to find out more call Lori or Lauren on 01534-250555