'Business As Usual..."

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Although the lockdown rules slowly slacken, the feeling of being in a very different world continues, and the uncertainly this carries is clearly evident. However, as a business, we are fortunate to have a diverse client base across both the public and private sector, which has allowed us to continue to support many clients who have remained ‘busy’ during the past few months, and we are now slowly seeing demand return with other clients, albeit at a greatly level. 

It has been of paramount importance that we have ensured we can continue with business as usual where not doing so would have a detrimental impact on the clients who rely on our support, and the contractors who trust us to continue with prompt and accurate payroll. For the economy to pick up as we all hope, it is vital that businesses, large and small, continue to support each other, both up and down the supply chain.

Let’s be cautious in our relaxation of the efforts we have all made over the last few months to keep ourselves and others safe, but also focus on the pent up desire for business and the economy to return to pre-Covid levels. A hint of confidence across the economy will act as the catalyst we all need to return to normal, although I am sure it will be a very different normal!

In the meantime, my team at GSA continues to work hard for our clients and is happy to assist with any roles you might need help filling or advice you require.