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With the World Cup wrapping up there has been many gripping storylines and an awful lot of tension, but alas, England isn’t in the running to win it. On the other hand they went a lot further than anyone thought and brought World Cup Fever back home, with masses of fans cheering them on the whole way.

The World Cup brings with it something much more important than football, and that is the dreaded sweepstake. It has been set out so that every member of staff got a Tier 1 team and a Tier 2 team, the person with the World Cup-winning Tier 1 team (the likes of Germany, Brazil etc.) would win the prize pool, and the person with the Tier 2 team (Iran or Panama for example) that got the furthest would win a smaller prize pool.  It’s been a month of constant battle, with tempers flaring at every bitter defeat and joyous jubilation with every victory. Sophie Ward won the Tier 2 prize pool, making the excellent tactical choice of Sweden and guiding them to the Quarter-Finals. The upcoming final between France and Croatia is the ultimate grudge match, Tom Withers leading the mighty Croatia and Abdul Ali with the favourites, France. May the best team win, and we’ve all certainly had a lot of fun during this World Cup campaign.