Working with an 'Expert'

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Expert...Definition: A person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area.

Experts take many forms in many walks of life. If you feel unwell, only small proportions will self-diagnose via the internet (most likely with less than positive outcomes, but definitely with greater stress), most go to a medical expert. If you need a lawyer, you need the guidance and help from someone who understands the legal system but will act on your behalf, put your interests at heart.

With an increasingly ageing population and the widely documented burden on the both the state pension and the now recognised private pensions shortfall, our working lives have become longer, with a whole generation potentially reaching the 50-year working life before being able to retire. Your career options are critical, with so much riding on the results of good decisions, surely it makes sense to take advice from the experts.

Research has shown more often than not, simple expectations are not met. You want to be treated as an individual but yet most treat you like a commodity, you want someone who understands you, what you have to offer, what you would like to achieve and puts you first, and yet quite often you get put in second place behind the client’s demands. Many so called experts you may engage with have never had a meaningful conversation with you, but you trust them with your career. How do they really know you and what you offer?

In today’s world, with skills shortages and the war for talent becoming a hot topic, you can afford to be confident, be demanding of the “experts” you engage with. Working with someone you trust is essential. Undertake a selection process to determine who you will entrust your future too. By asking some of the questions below of both yourself and your chosen partner, should ensure the support is there to help you make the right decisions.

  • How does the recruitment partner go about their business?
  • What is their field of expertise?
  • What positions do they specialise in?
  • What service do you receive as a candidate?
  • Which areas are they able to help you in?

If you would like an honest discussion on the current IT job market and what we can offer to help you find that next position please call us here at GSA.