The Life Work Balance

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The Life Work Balance

Almost a third of Brits believe that a good work/life balance and home life is the single most important factor in leading a successful life. 

As part of a wider report called “Evaluating success: placing a value on values”, research highlighted that only 10% believe salary is the most important factor in leading a successful life. The research also suggests that in 2015/16, only 1.8 per cent of this demographic consider owning an expensive car to be a sign of success, compared to 20% of their colleagues in 1989.Today people are waking up to the fact that money doesn’t necessarily make you happy and it doesn’t buy job satisfaction.

One in three people state that they don’t think ‘status symbols’, such as owning expensive cars, necessarily represent success and a further 27% aren’t concerned with evaluating their own success or that of others.

The standards set by the materially-focused 80s have been dropped as the idea of power dressing was also rejected by 65% of those surveyed. Eight in ten stated that the way someone dresses could never signify success, 69% of us believe that flexible working hours and remote working are essential to professional success and 70% reject the notion that there is any correlation between working longer hours and getting ahead at work.

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