NHS releases RTT changes


The confirmation of changes within the RTT environment have been released from NHS England.

Following Sir Bruce Keogh’s recommendations it has been agreed that the RTT reporting changes include amendment of legislation so that the admitted and non admitted standards can formally be removed from standing reports and regulations by the 1st October.

"This means that there is a simplified, clearer focus on one RTT standard, which covers all patients on the waiting list and encourages hospitals to prioritise the treatment of those who have waited the longest."

 The full report which includes the changes and updates in relation to RTT and the Cancer waiting times can be found here:

 In the trusts I deal with the reporting aspect seems to be a direct focus with new reporting functions being updated to create dashboards and comprehensive daily, weekly and monthly reports. This will result in a more detailed analysis, reporting and forecasts around the RTT and the specialities involved.

If you would like to discuss your current situation in relation to your reporting functions or the non technical aspects of analysis that may be beneficial to your trust please get in touch . I have an array of senior RTT information analysts, Business Analysts and RTT subject matter that are experienced in this area that will be able to assist you in your needs nationally