GSA Sponsor Clinical Coders National Networking Forum


GSA Techsource is proud to announce sponsorship of the Clinical Coders National Networking Forum on the 7th July in Birmingham.

This Clinical Coders National Networking forum, has been designed for all grades of Clinical Coders to come together and benefit from networking, best practice and insight into cutting edge clinical practice.

A unique one day event, this forum will be made up of presentations and interactive sessions which will deepen your understanding of the key clinical areas and add colour to your knowledge of complex medical procedures and diagnoses that are challenging clinical coders throughout the country.

Please come and say hello to TomSophie and the team, enjoy a piece of cake and take a goodie bag. We might be able to arrange a discounted rate for the event, please call Tom Blakey on 01543 622 384 to discuss further.

Further information can be found at: