NHS and XP - are the Chief Execs aware of the urgency?

Nhs Bans Operations Surge 007

In my previous blog article, I looked at the need to upgrade from Windows XP before next year's Microsoft imposed deadline, or pay huge amounts for dedicated support. For many companies, this won't be news to IT directors, but it could be to NHS Chief Execs and Finance Directors.

In a recent survey by EHI Intelligence, which gathered responses from 173 out of 241 trusts approached, the spread of versions of Windows across the trusts were:

155 trusts use Windows XP, 10 trusts use Vista, 92 trusts use Windows 7, 16 trusts use Windows 8.

Typically in a large trust there will be 800 PCs with possibly 160 being critical. It will be essential for the trust to start some serious planning very soon.

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