Guide to Self Bill Invoicing

100% of our contractors have a Self Billing agreement with us, enabling prompt, accurate invoicing, and therefore, prompt, accurate payments!

What is Self Billing? 

Self billing is an arrangement between a contractor’s Limited or Umbrella Company (Supplier) and their Customer (GSA Techsource Ltd) where GSA prepares a contractor’s (supplier’s) invoice and sends it to the contractor (supplier). It means your Limited Company will no longer need to create or send an invoice to GSA. Simply, once your timesheets / expenses have been authorised, our system will generate and send the invoice to you followed by payment. It’s a much simpler process with far less room for error. Just ensure your timesheet is correct.

What are the benefits?

No need to produce an invoice

Less administration for everyone

It removes any margin for error as the invoices are automatically created from the approved timesheets/expenses.

Who makes the rules on Self Billing?

HM Revenue & Customers (HMRC). You can find this on the HMRC website. Just search for ‘self-bill’.

Does self billing impact on my IR35 position?

Self-billing has no impact on your contractual or commercial arrangements between GSA and your Limited Company and has no impact on IR35 considerations. In HMRC’s description of self billing, it is a clear customer / supplier relationship.

Is it a standard invoice?

The invoice format is a standard format that conforms to HMRC regulations showing all the required information. The invoice will show full timesheet detail (and expenses where applicable).

The company has changed its VAT registration number. What do I need to do?

If your company has changed its VAT registration number or recently become registered you will need to send us a copy of the new VAT certificate, we will then provide you with a new Self-Billing agreement.

The Limited Company has changed its name. What do I need to do?

If the Company has changed its name BUT maintained the same VAT number, send us a copy of the change of name certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies. There is no need to sign a new Self Billing agreement. However if both the name AND the VAT number have changed you will also need a new Self Billing agreement.

My Company is no longer VAT registered.

If your company de-registers then you will need to inform us and complete a new Self Billing agreement.

My system is set up to provide invoices. How will I cope with self bill invoices?

Instead of providing your own invoices, you can use the self bill invoices as part of your Limited Company’s accounting records. This is accepted by HMRC for VAT purposes. However, we recognise that you may have your own system to provide invoices. If you want to continue to do this, we suggest you produce your invoice but do not send it to us; instead attach it to the self bill invoice for your own records.

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