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Information Management


The team focus purely on supplying the best Business Intelligence and Information Analysts at varying experience levels nationally. We work in primary and secondary care together with growing experience of private sector healthcare providers.

Primarily we supply through the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) framework for non-medical, non-clinical staff.  As a long-term supplier into the NHS we are aware of the regulatory and reporting processes surrounding the engagement of contractors and services.

Therefore if you experience difficulties sourcing the right skills because of the temporary worker wage cap (announced November 2015) or you spend a lot of time administering the NHS Professionals system, we can help.


  • Extensive network of Information, Business Intelligence and Technical Analysts throughout the U.K
  • Flexible engagement model depending upon your needs, i.e., fixed price, statement of work, framework
  • Deep organisational knowledge, whether you’re in the private sector, primary or secondary care, or the 3rd sector
  • Expert technology associates in a wide range of technology, including the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, Business Objectives and QlikView
  • Easy online administration of your engagement via our online portal
  • Variable on-site management depending upon your needs
  • Accredited CCS NMNC (RM971) framework provider


  • Regular updates of suitable opportunities
  • Dedicated support both throughout your assignments
  • Prompt payments
  • The most competitive pay rates
  • Complete confidentiality, whatever your present situation


  • The provision of fully qualified and compliant Business Intelligence Developers or Information Analysts with a proven track record at extremely competitive costs
  • Accurate and honest information regarding the availability and costs of recruiting Business Intelligence Developers and/or Information Analysts
  • Expert advice and solutions tailored to each Trust or organisations requirements
  • A single point of contact providing as much assistance as required throughout the recruitment process
  • Regular updates of developments within Business Intelligence and/or Information Analysis and the availability of suitable contractors
  • Easy administration of timesheets and contracts via our online portal

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