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Please see our status update below:

We are taking this opportunity to keep you updated on the measures GSA Techsource is taking to ensure the safety of our people, the delivery of our service, and the protection of our customers.

All our employees are set up to work remotely with full access to our systems to ensure there is no impact on the services we offer.​As we are in a people-oriented business, where interviews are a necessity, we have a video interviewing solution in place, allowing us to set up interviews for you with candidates, removing the need to visit the office.

These are easy to access virtual interview rooms that can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile. It requires no sign in, passwords or downloads, and all or part of the interview can be recorded (with permission so fully GDPR compliant).

We can also set solo interviews, where we can give candidate set questions to answer to speed up the hiring process, submitting this to you as a recorded video.

Please contact your consultant directly ( call our main number on 01543 250555